Need real data on the child care industry in Rapid City? Download our latest report Too Expensive and Not Expensive Enough: Investing In Child Care to Strengthen South Dakota’s Economy today!

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In this report, our friends at the Low Income Investment Fund gathered data from local child care providers and South Dakota’s 2022 Child Care Market Rate and Cost of Care reports. Together, they paint a picture of what’s happening in our local child care economy. The Market Rate report gives us a peek into how much families are currently paying for child care, while the Cost of Care study reveals the real expenses that providers shoulder. By examining both these aspects side by side, we can dig into whether what providers charge families matches up with the actual costs of running their programs.

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Download the South Dakota Child Care Business Collaborative Solutions document today. This interactive guide provides child care funding strategies and solutions for businesses, child care providers, and economic development entities at the community and state level. You can even contact the South Dakota businesses that have tried these solutions to hear the pros and cons straight from the source!