We are so excited about two of our upcoming early learning investments that we couldn’t stop ourselves from giving you a sneak peek!

In 2024, we will launch two pilot programs to address the child care crisis faced by local families.

Bridgecare: the Zillow of Child Care

We recognize the challenges families encounter when searching for trustworthy and affordable childcare services. Our foundation is committed to bridging this gap with a program designed to connect local child care providers with the families who need them most. Bridgecare, a software platform, will incentivize local child care providers to list their programs and allow local families to search for the care they need all in one place.

This initiative will not only ease the stress of parents seeking reliable care for their children but also help us better understand the local child care ecosystem. Through this program, we aim to strengthen the bonds within our community, where families can flourish, and our dedicated child care providers play a pivotal role in shaping the future.

JTVF Child Care Innovation Fund: Piloting the Tri-Share Child Care Model

We are excited to pilot a program where local businesses, philanthropy, and employees themselves equally share the costs of child care. It’s a bold step towards addressing a growing concern in the modern workforce—child care affordability. The Tri-Share Program aims to make child care affordable and accessible for working parents, help employers retain and attract employees, and support child care providers’ sustainability.

Though we are still hammering out the details of what this pilot will look like, we know we will work with two local employers and their employees. We can’t wait to try a nationally successful approach in the Rapid City area. Learn more about the wins in Michigan that inspired us to try this out.

As we launch these programs in 2024, we look forward to creating a more inclusive and supportive community for families, child care providers, and employers alike.