We are thrilled to award $100,000 to Pennington County Human Services, a longstanding JTVF community partner. They serve our veteran, formerly incarcerated, and low-income neighbors.

Pennington County Human Services

$100,000 – funds to assist individuals with rental deposits, rental assistance, utility assistance, transportation support

In their Own Words

Pennington County Human Services (PCHS)/Veterans Service Office (VSO) administers a variety of social service programs that meet the basic financial, medical and social service needs of our poor population, our diversion population, and the veterans within Pennington County.

The Veterans Service Office assists veterans, their dependents, and survivors in applying for veterans’ benefits. Medical and economic assistance programs address immediate needs for services, not ongoing or long-term assistance.

The Diversion Department has programs like Rebound Reentry, Pivot Point Transition Coordination, and Safe Solutions/Detox/Residential Treatment Coordination. Rebound helps people change their lives for the better. Treatment Coordination works with inmates to prevent them from getting into trouble again and helps them find new ways to stay out of the criminal justice system.

Treatment Coordination helps clients in crisis referred by Pivot Point Staff. They work with the client to develop a stabilization plan, identify potential needs and solutions. Treatment Coordination provides ongoing services until other long-term programming can be identified.

About the Grant

Pennington County Human Services and the John T. Vucurevich Foundation (JTVF) have partnered since 2008 to identify and assist individuals and families in our community with the highest needs. This high need population is known to typically have very limited options for assistance.  This year’s grant will support deposit and rental assistance, other essentials, assistance with transportation (bus) for individuals to return to their homes when they have come here from another state, where other resources are limited or nonexistent.